10 May 2014

Christian Minister Incites Christians To 'Spiritual Violence'

By John Amato May 8, 2014 6:00 am

John Hagee's son Matthew issued violent directions to his sheep and called for "spiritual violence" to fight those that disagree with them.

You may remember John McCain's shame when he first accepted and then rejected extreme right wing, anti-Catholic minister John Hagee's endorsement. Well, that knocked the minister off the front pages of the news for quite a while, but now Hagee is back with proselytizing more insanity. Only this time it's his son Matthew spewing the hatred.
On yesterday's "Hagee Hotline," Matthew Hagee called on conservative Christians to become more "spiritually violent" in fighting against things like gay marriage and abortion because secularists who support such things have "become violent with people of faith."


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