28 August 2016

Sanders Launches 'Our Revolution,' Dedicated to a Progressive Agenda and Better Democratic Party

Reminds supporters of all they accomplished and the work ahead.

By Steven Rosenfeld

Bernie Sanders’ revolution seeking a kinder, fairer, more egalitarian and dignified America will continue, working to elect progressive candidates, introducing nationally significant state ballot measures and pushing the Democratic Party to abide by its recently adopted platform, the ex-presidential candidate told thousands of supporters in a national webcast Wednesday night.

“We changed the conversation regarding the possibilities of our country—that is what we changed,” Sanders said. “We redefined what the vision and the future of our country should be and that is no small thing. And what our campaign showed, making the establishment very very unhappy—and that is a good thing—what our campaign showed the world is that the American people are prepared to stand up to a corrupt campaign finance system, a rigged economy, a broken criminal justice system and the global threat posed by the fossil fuel industry that is destroying our planet through their carbon emissions.”


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